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The garden pavilion – luxury or self-evident?

A garden pavilion is a freestanding building in the garden or in a park. The floor plan is usually round or has the shape of a regular polygon. The pavilion was already known in antiquity. In the architecture of Europe, it appears mainly in the Baroque era and has often served the nobility as a… Read More »

35 wall decals tree that bring a touch of nature home

Wall Stickers Tree – Wall design with trees for all seasons Wall tattoos give us the great opportunity to decorate the walls. Luckily, there are different sizes, colors and styles, so you can spread a nice sense of living in every home. Do you like to walk in the park and in the forest? Do… Read More »

51 Individual curtain holders to suit every taste

Set noble accents with original curtain holders The curtains are an inseparable element of the beautiful interior design. Thanks to matching accessories, they look a lot nicer. Such can be found in different shapes and colors in specialized stores. However, you can make many great pieces yourself. It is worthwhile to access these, because you… Read More »

Christmas tree artificially? – 42 “real” alternatives for the feast

What does Christmas look like when the Christmas tree is artificial? What do you first imagine when you think of a Christmas tree? Surely, the traditional association immediately comes to mind: a large green fir tree with natural green leaves, pine cones and decorated with great colorful Christmas balls. This includes a colorful and shiny… Read More »