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Design baby rooms with open shelves – create order and comfort at the same time!

Baby room design by a tidy open shelves Do you want a little help with Design baby room to have? But do you want to achieve a perfect organization in the first place? If you are about to set up your baby room then we have some great tips that will be just right for… Read More »

33 Doorstop Ideas for more comfort and homeliness at home

Cool doorstop to cheer up the mood at home Do you know why doorstops are so important? Firstly, you can stop the door for a long time, if you wish. Second, door stops prevent the doors from slamming when it pulls. Last but not least, they can cheer up the mood in your home. Doorstop… Read More »

Garden house with verandah in search of comfort

Garden house with porch and the possibilities that arise The verandas are beautiful, wide and give the house a unique atmosphere. But what do they actually represent purely architecturally? They are a major element of most garden sheds and their presence is pretty much classic. All seasons and all living spaces under one roof! Perfect!… Read More »