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51 Balcony Decorating Ideas

All of us wants to stay outside for enjoy the nature. Spending time with family and friends in the garden, backyard or even the balcony is a real pleasure. If you are looking for something to decorate your outdoor area then DIY furniture can make your outdoor space look awesome. Not only for an outdoor… Read More »

4 practical and fast furnishing ideas for your balcony

How do you design a perfect and attractive balcony quickly and with little effort? Yes, maybe it sounds unrealistic, but our editors have always positively surprised with creative ideas, right? In this article we would like to introduce some balcony ideas that will make your neighbors jealous. The simple tricks give your balcony a new… Read More »

Plant a balcony and look forward to a magnificent garden

Spring is the season when all nature slowly awakens from hibernation and strikes the new life cycle. The sun shines more frequently, the air fills with aromas and even in the big city you can hear buzzing and humming noises in the early morning. The change in nature reminds us that the time when you… Read More »

Plant herbs – a balcony full of scent!

Aromatic herbs for the balcony – Part 1 The cultivation of fresh herbs at home not only ensures a pleasurable taste of your dishes. Thanks to their fragrances, they also provide free aromatherapy. See which plants will help you, without much effort, to turn your balcony into a small herb garden. Plant herbs – chives… Read More »