Garden house with verandah in search of comfort

By | June 30, 2020

Garden house with veranda greenery

Garden house with porch and the possibilities that arise

The verandas are beautiful, wide and give the house a unique atmosphere. But what do they actually represent purely architecturally? They are a major element of most garden sheds and their presence is pretty much classic.

All seasons and all living spaces under one roof!


Garden house with porch outside space

It is a grown, so less integrated, quite independent element. This brings with it many significant consequences for the general concept. This includes, among other things, the need for your own design, which also includes self-contained lighting.

So you could really enjoy the free time undisturbed

Garden house with veranda traditional


You must remember this before investing:

Certainly the investment will prove worthwhile in many respects. First, you will have a beautiful, elaborate representative house design. In addition, you significantly increase your own quality of life through easy access to fresh air and the opportunity to spend more time outdoors.

Excellent breakfast ambience

Garden house with veranda white wood

While the investment is not small, it does have the following key benefits:

– The porches are super effective;

– They contribute to the thermal insulation of the apartment;

– They isolate the whole house from the external noise and make it possible to have a good rest;

The best place to receive your visit – the porch

Garden house with porch white fence

Different types of verandas

Most verandas are grown and grown.

The Garden house with veranda , which is installed, has a common roof with this. They are also usually planned and built together. In the other variant, the porch has its own roof. It can be built at a later date.

In the second case you can also use the veranda as a terrace.

It depends on your personal needs, how you make your veranda

Garden house with veranda white roses

Different shapes

Now we come to the shape that you could choose for your garden house porch. Actually, you have a lot of options here. There are countless shapes and configurations. The classic style is rectangular. The braver are looking for round and semicircular variants. The new launches continue to experiment: there are hexagons and irregular geometric figures, as well as organic shapes.

Important tip: If you have a terrace on the first floor, it should show the same shape as the porch.

Some verandas could be used for big events

Garden house with veranda white


Let us also discuss the materials from which you could build the garden house porch. The classic ones are only made of wood and brick. The modern buildings allow more variety in this regard. Metal and plastic are used here. The latter are a matter of taste. The stability they offer, but must be sufficient.

If you’re focused on nature, you can use one of the many new recycling techniques.

However, you should definitely choose either the same or a matching material to that of the main building.

A beautiful view completes your beautiful veranda only

Garden house with veranda between view

Garden house with wooden porch

Are you considering wood as a material for your garden shed veranda? We would like to pay particular attention to this form here. They are perfectly suited to wood constructions, but also to brick buildings. Here are their main advantages at a glance:

If you are lucky enough to own a garden in the middle of the forest

Garden house with porch between stone

– Easy construction of the construction: The base is not expensive, the mounting on it is very easy, it resists well the different weather conditions;

– Economical: The natural materials can be found beautifully at a very good price;

– Aesthetically: You can decorate the wood in so many different original ways and it also looks beautiful in its natural form;

But the wood verandas are like everything in this world just not ideal. Here are some important objections that you should have in mind:

– Wooden verandas burn off faster;

– They require regular special care;

– You may need to bring special surfaces to use, which protects your garden porch from the outside conditions.

You should only do something about mosquitoes

Garden house with veranda between terrace

Glazed the garden house – porch

Many people would like to use the garden shed veranda as much as possible in winter. At least on warm days this may be possible. Glazing could make it quite possible.

In the classic construction, one should follow the rule that the blunt be ranked with the supporting frame. But there is a completely different rule in the room-high modern glazing.

Your personal holiday resort between streets and houses

Garden house with veranda between veranda

There are also variants with glass ceilings.

No matter what you want to do, you need to be sure that the person taking the job has experience in the design you want.

A winter garden or atrium is strictly climate-related

Garden house with veranda winter garden

Place and size

The veranda usually connects to two possible places on the house. It is either placed on the façade, or it is placed somewhere in a back corner of the building. There is no hard and fast rule about where the door should be. It can be in the center or laterally.

The standard height of the construction is between 2.5 and 3 m and the width is usually around 6 m. But in any case, the porch should be in a good proportion to the garden shed.

It must be thought of the sun protection

Garden house with veranda hedge

Interior of the garden house – veranda

The tips that follow are designed especially for a wooden garden shed and porch made of the same material. But they can also be adapted to most other variants.

Modify your porch today and you will not regret it

Garden house with porch wood scaffolding

The veranda is meant for relaxation. For this reason, it is important that you use the furniture more economically. You should also consider materials for the furniture that spread a spa mood.

Think of wicker furniture and, above all, Rattan garden furniture.

A roof timber construction can look very pretty

Garden house with veranda wood with stairs

Porch as a functional space

The porch can also take on certain other functions, such as those of a summer kitchen. But you should reduce the equipment to the essentials and ensure a good connection to the interior. The constructions of the verandas are light and should not be overburdened for that reason.

No matter which variant you choose, a garden house with a porch is certainly a very good idea.

Nice, romantic, comfortable! Do something good for yourself and your friends or family

Garden house with veranda

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