Easter decoration in purple ensures a good festive mood and eye joy

By | July 1, 2020

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Easter decoration in purple – an extraordinary choice

In which color will be your Easter decoration this year? Still no idea? Then here’s a hint from us: Choose a specific color. What do you think of Lila?

Some people find the purple color unusual for the Easter decoration ,

But others see a good opportunity to bring more color into your home. Let’s see in this article together the benefits why you should opt for an Easter decoration in purple!

A royal table decoration for Easter

table decoration easter easter ideas easter decoration yourself


Using the color purple as an Easter decoration is a logical choice. The reason is that it is associated with kings and nobles. In addition, the purple color is associated with the suffering of Christ and his resurrection.

Matching color combinations

easter decoration ideas table decoration easter easter decor tinker




This color is more difficult to combine with other colors as it alone is sufficient. But with lighter purple shades and pastel pink, the color purple can be well combined. A beautiful decoration you will also reach with white and green.

Make a beautiful Easter decoration

Easter decoration itself make easter ideas

You can experiment with the decoration, but incorporate a purple tone everywhere. A beautiful Easter wreath, themed table decoration in purple and a basket full of colorful Easter eggs in the matching color are only a part of the many possibilities.

An extravagant decoration idea

easter decoration table decoration easter easter decoration ideas

For those of you who want something special, we have a wild idea! Try making a candy flower. Use your favorite chocolates and paper, again in different purple tones. Arrange them with real flowers in a vase or other container to your liking. Another great idea is a garland of artificial easter eggs. Use plastic or cardboard eggs in a variety of purple nuances. Start with the lighter shades and end with the dark ones.

Use seasonal flowers in the appropriate color

floral decoration easter decoration ideas table decoration easter easter decoration

You want to decorate your table in the same theme with fresh flowers? You can arrange a beautiful bouquet of lilac or hyacinths? A flower pot with grape hyacinths or a small box of adorable pansies are a delightful Easter table decoration. You can decorate the rest of your house with it.

And now you think differently about the Easter decoration in color purple? If so, then take a look at the next sample pictures and get inspired!

Let your imagination run wild

easter decoration ideas easter decorations easter decor tinker yourself

A deco idea for the entrance

easter decoration ideas easter decoration ideas table decoration easter

A joyful easter table decoration

easter decorations tinker table decoration easter easter decoration ideas

Paint your easter eggs in purple colors

tinker osterdeko tinker osterdeko ideas osterdekoration tinker

Purple plate for a perfect table decoration for Easter

easter decorations easter decoration ideas table decoration easter

Arrange small floral arrangements in egg shells

easter decoration ideas easter decoration ideas table decoration easter

Spread a festive mood

easter decoration easter decoration ideas easter decoration ideas

A simple table decoration, but full of color

easter decoration tinker yourself table decoration easter easter decoration ideas

Stunning Easter wreath

easter decoration yourself make easter decoration ideas

How will you paint your Easter Eggs?

easter eggs easter decorations table decoration easter easter decoration

Grape hyacinths as table decoration

easter decoration tischdeko easter easter decoration tinker

Chair covers and table runners in purple color

tischdeko easter easter decorations easter decoration tinker

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